New gTLDs – September 2014 Week Three

New gTLDs – Week of 9/15 -9/19/14

The following are the New gTLD extensions being launched for the week.  This week it’s all about the General Availability names, and quite the eclectic mix it is. I would so love to be in .VEGAS sipping on a .VODKA cocktail. But attending a .RODEO, where then you hop on your .HORSE and head out to the .COUNTRY and do some .FISHING could be just as funtastic!

General Availability

.COOKING anything and everything to do with cooking.  Share recipes, tips, and advice on how not to poison people with your cooking.
for country music, country home decor, country living.  yee-haw!
share fishing stories on how you let the big one get away, or what hook and bait you used to catch that piranha.
for the equestrian industry
keep track of the next rodeo coming to your town, or take it in a totally different direction and have it be about the exclusive street in Beverly Hills.
the entertainment capital of the world famous for gambling and nightlife.  Elvis would have loved this one.
it’s cocktail hour with this fun New gTLD.  James Bond would so approve. Vodka martini anyone? Shaken, not stirred of course.


Priority Placement for Early Access

.DIRECT for companies selling directly to customers
a destination where businesses can set themselves apart online
General Availability

.CHURCH a place to gather your faith community online
this New gTLD can be applied to anything that gives information, instructions, or advice.
hosting platforms, services, or an alien life form from another planet
.LIFE it’s about your existence here on earth.  It’s about living.
for all the loan sharks out there.  Just kidding.  A good name for businesses that give out loans, or if you need to find information on different types of loans.    
for people who work to prepare and present the news through newspapers, magazines, television and radio.  And may I add this should be for those who are the ‘genuine’ thing, and have the right credentials to report a news story.
.REPUBLICAN the red states will love this one…blerg.
bland as cottage cheese.  Ok, you have a ‘website’, ah…what kind is it?


So this is this week’s list of New gTLD extensions being launched, with many more to come.  Choose wisely and remember that these New gTLD extensions represent you, your business, your personality.  It’s all about branding oneself online.

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