Quick Chat with Dwayne Walker – DomainFest

We are talking today with Dwayne Walker from Oversee.net who is the organizer of Domain Fest.

Thanks for talking with us Dwayne. What can those interested in new gtlds hope to find at Domain Fest ?

Dwayne Walker – We’re expecting amazing presentations and panel discussions from Verisign, Donuts, .Club, .XYZ and many other major players in gtld space

Will there be representatives of new gtld registries speaking at Domain Fest ? If so can you list them ?

Dwayne Walker –
Over 300 from Donuts and many others

Do you see the new gtlds as a vital part of a conference agenda ?

Dwayne Walker – Yes, gtlds are major part of our conference.  We have gtld sessions all three days of the conference.

The conference schedule is getting a lot busier this year, what separates Domain Fest from the rest ?

Dwayne Walker – DomainFest is unique in its quality of presenters, networking, industry support (record number of sponsors thid year) and entertainment.  We’re proud to have conducted nine years of successful DomainFest conferences.

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